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Vision, Mission and Values of CELSA Group™

  • Honestidad
  • Humildad
  • Perseverancia creativa
  • Inconformismo
  • Trabajo en equipo
  • Pasión

“It is in the DNA of our Group to work hard and with passion to innovate every day looking for new ideas that allow us to anticipate the market and exceed the expectations of our customers”.

Francisco Rubiralta Vilaseca, founder of CELSA Group™ (1939 – 2010)

The word “impossible” did not appear in the dictionary of Francisco Rubiralta Vilaseca. There, where others saw limits and unattainable challenges he found opportunities. He loved what he did and enjoyed sharing it with others. One of his greatest satisfactions was to see the people around him grow professionally. He sought perfection in everything he did and had the virtue of transmitting his enthusiasm to others. A great defender of continuous training, he never stopped expanding his knowledge throughout his professional career, aware that this was the best way to achieve business excellence.