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Innovation projects

Innovation at CELSA Group drives the development and integration of new solutions that allow the company to achieve our NET POSITIVE vision.

It is based on four pillars: energy and emissions, circularity, digitalization and people.

Energy and emissions, circularity, digitalization and people.

Celsa Group Projects

Innovation is all about collaboration, see below for some examples of great ideas being brought to life by powerful consortia supported by public authorities across Europe.

Símbolo Energías Renovables

Energy and emissions

Increased energy efficiency, support for the integration of renewable energies in the market, generation and use of alternative fuels such as hydrogen and biochar.

Símbolo Circularidad


Improving scrap handling and generating new circular business around steel and beyond.

Símbolo Digitalización del mundo


Application of artificial intelligence and advanced simulation for process optimization, traceability, product digital passports…

Símbolo de Grupo de personas


People are at the center of any initiative, but here you can find some projects focused on this topic.

Ongoing projects

Open innovation

Entrepreneur wanted!

Help us give infinite lives to finite resources! We open the call for startups to upcycle by-products.