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Press releases

CELSA Group starts a new era with a new management and consolidated accounts without qualifications

CELSA Group appoints Hilario Albarracín, Elena Guede, Juan José Nieto, and Mario Longhi as new members of the Board of Directors

CELSA Group incorporates Borja García-Alarcón as new CFO

CELSA incorporates Jordi Cazorla as the new CEO of the Group

CELSA implements the judicial restructuring plan and appoints Rafael Villaseca new President

CELSA Group, on the home stretch towards total circularity: 97% of its product is already manufactured with recycled steel

Celsa Steel UK celebrates 20th anniversary with record turnover and profitability

CELSA Group signs a collaboration agreement with Michelin in its way towards Sustainability

CELSA Group advances in the circularity of its sustainable steel and lays the bases to offer traceability to its customers

CELSA requests measures for the european steel sector with which to compete on equal terms

Low-carbon coalition publishes a global standard to measure and report carbon emissions

CELSA Group has been recognized by SAP with an award for innovation in Human Resources

CELSA Group obtains the certification «AENOR N Sustainable” for processed products

Minister of Enterprise and Employment intervenes in CELSA Group’s Annual Meeting, today in Barcelona

CELSA Group is part of the newly created Waste Cluster of Catalonia

CELSA Group will supply Acciona with circular and low-emission steel for the construction of the new airport in Palma de Mallorca

CELSA Group transforms Nervacero’s the melting furnace to reduce the plant’s annual CO2 emissions by 10%

CELSA Group joins Forética to advance in its purpose of contributing to sustainable development

Celsa consolidates the evolution of its governance with the creation of the position of Vice-Chairman and the reinforcement of that of Chief Operating Officer


CELSA Group reduces its CO2 emissions by 22% and places themselves 36.8% below the average for the steel sector in the EU. Consolidated as the largest circular supply chain in Europe

CELSA Group reaffirms its commitment to sustainability by joining the Energy Efficiency Movement

CELSA Group launches the HYMET project to promote the recovery of its waste with renewable hydrogen

CELSA Group recovers pre-pandemic production with more than 6.5 Mt of steel produced in its European steel mills

CELSA Group is awarded 2.5 million euros for its Industry 4.0 projects from the ACTIVA program of the Ministry of Industry

SHYNE, the largest consortium to promote renewable hydrogen in Spain, is born with CELSA Group as a partner

CELSA Group participates in a European circular project allocating by-products of steel production for asphalting

CELSA Group, through Celsa France, starts testing for the new rolling mill in Bayonne

The Ministry of Industry awards 2.5 million to CELSA Group for sustainability and circularity projects

CELSA Group hosts participants of the Circular Economy Hotspot at the largest circular steel production centre in Europe

CELSA Group receives the 3rd National Award for Connected Industry 4.0 organized by the Government of Spain

CELSA Group holds 2021 Annual Meeting in a year marked by the pandemic

CELSA Group joins the United Nations Global Compact

CELSA Group successfully completes the European project IoT4Digitaltwin with Geprom and Gefasoft

New vanadium-free alloys are now possible thanks to the SiNBa project

CELSA Group collaborates as a partner in the “ESTIBA+ 2022” project for the digitalisation of Spanish ports, financed by the CDTI

CELSA will create a “Digital Twin” to make decisions and correct errors before they occur

Excellence in safety, care for people and circular economy, key pillars of the Annual Meetings 2020

Global Steel Wire celebrates the Annual Meeting emphasizing its role as Cantabrian economic driver

CELSA Group™ participates in a European initiative designed to boost the talent of professionals in the sector

CELSA Group™ lays the first stone of its new steel rolling mill in France

Business and academic leaders meet to discuss the challenges of the industrial sector

CELSA Group™ receives the ABB award for best practice in digitization for the I-SCRAP project

CELSA Group™ receives the Carles Ferrer Salat award for its environmental commitment

CELSA Group™ launches a seventh line of production in its steelworks plant in Barcelona

Ferimet strengthens its business with the acquisition of recycling plants in Vizcaya and Barcelona

CELSA Group™ awards one of the Fundación Empresas IQS scholarships to academic performance

The SIL Awards recognize the commitment of CELSA Group™ with the circular economy

CELSA Group™ begins the construction of a rolling mill in France in order to consolidate its steel complex

The commitment to innovation of CELSA Group™, recognized in the ‘Factories of the Future Awards’

CELSA Group™ 2019 Annual Meetings, a time to reflect, share and recognize

Celsa Group and GSW emphasizes in Santander its commitment to innovation and recycling

CELSA Group™ seeks entrepreneurs and “startups” to revolutionize the steel sector

Mahou San Miguel receives the Award for Industrial Excellence granted by Celsa and the IESE

Celsa Group shares its experience in technological innovation with hundreds of companies

CELSA Group™ awarded for the best research program in the Industry 4.0

Celsa France recognized as a leader in sustainability

Celsa is committed to leading the transformation of the steel industry

Celsa Group ™ acquires the company Tammet Oy Mesh in Finland

IESE Chair of Competitiveness in Manufacturing

The CELSA Chair of Competitiveness in Manufacturing of IESE aims to develop research, generate ideas and disseminate knowledge around competitiveness in the industrial sector. Because of this commitment, and its concern for the industrial decapitalization of the country, the CELSA Chair of IESE develops powerful research on the industrial sector and its competitiveness. Also, the Group has rewarded the best factories in our country since 2009.

The main objectives of the chair are to:

• Encourage interest in the manufacturing industry.
• Develop teaching material for senior management courses.
• Organize national and international seminars
• Disseminate the role of industry in the country's economy among the media.
• Promote good industrial practices through the creation of an annual prize.
• Collaborate with other international centers in the generation of ideas and dissemination of knowledge about the manufacturing industry.

More information:

CELSA Group™ Value Awards

Since our inception, CELSA Group™ has directed its culture towards a global commitment to people. The Value Awards are prizes that are linked to the behavior and actions within the Group. They highlight and recognize the attitudes of those people who in their day to day promote the values of the Group and act in favor of our culture. All this allows us to reinforce our identity and enhance what makes us unique, our values.

· Honesty
· Humility
· Creative perseverance
· Inconformity / Innovation
· Teamwork
· Passion

Awards and recognitions of CELSA Group ™
For CELSA Group ™ recognitions are a fundamental aspect and an opportunity to value all those initiatives and attitudes that make the Group a better place. The awards allow us to recognize the people’s efforts and value those ideas that have had a direct impact on the Group and have helped us grow every day. The prizes awarded also allow us to highlight the most human factor of our team and highlight those attitudes that most identify with our values. For CELSA Group ™, the acknowledgments are a source of pride and a great reason to honestly thank people of the Group for their good work and dedication.

The “Celsis” are corporate coins that are awarded to the winners and finalists of the CELSA Group ™ awards. With them you can exchange a series of products and services related to training, health, work-life balance or technology. This currency also can be exchanged for any kind of solidarity initiatives that may bring the company closer to its people.