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CELSA Group holds 2021 Annual Meeting in a year marked by the pandemic

  • The six meetings, held at each of the business units, served to look back over 2020 and to set objectives for the current year
  • The final awards ceremony offered the chance to recognise the dedication of the company’s team during a year when the efforts of all the professional staff proved vital in keeping the Group running

Between 23 February and 4 March, the six business units that make up CELSA Group™ held their 2021 Annual Meetings, in an unusual process since the meetings had to be conducted virtually because of the pandemic. As recalled by the Group’s Chairman, Francesc Rubiralta, CELSA Group™ “has been able to keep our plants open since the coronavirus outbreak thanks to the bravery of 5,471 people who despite the pandemic turned up for work, and I must therefore thank all of you for your dedication and commitment,” he asserted.

Each year the Annual Meeting provides the perfect opportunity to look back over the previous 12 months and to sketch out objectives for the future. On this occasion, the gathering took place at a difficult time, one year into the Covid-19 pandemic, which has dealt a real blow to many families. Referring to the situation, Francesc Rubiralta declared that the year had been a personal and professional test for the entire team at CELSA Group™. “Covid-19 has given us the chance to show what are we capable of in taking on any challenge. And so, although the future is uncertain and volatile, I am convinced that we will successfully deal with it. This will make it essential to anticipate any problems which might arise, and if such anticipation is not enough, then we will need to adapt to the new circumstances, as we did in 2022,” he indicated.

During the meeting, a number of milestones in terms of sustainability and the circular economy were also highlighted. Including the fact that over the course of last year the company recycled 6.9 million tonnes of scrap iron and steel.

Health and safety is the main priority of the management structure at CELSA Group™. Which is why the Annual Meeting emphasised the need to heighten safeguards and to share knowledge about risk prevention with the Group’s different facilities.

Looking ahead to 2021, the CELSA Group™ Chairman recalled the five cornerstones on which the company is based: people, competitiveness, vertical integration, the product mix and the circular economy. He reiterated the goal for the company to be the leader in delivering steel-related solutions for its clients.

The Annual Meetings initiative was launched by the Group in 2015, and has since consolidated its position as a key date throughout the organisation. As every year, the day included a substantial section dedicated to the people who make up the company’s workforce, with the 2020 Awards Ceremony. The gatherings also here provided the opportunity to recognise those CELSA Group™ staff members who have made a notable contribution to the company’s success. The specific accolades handed out were the CELSA Group Safety Awards, the Child Safety & Environment Awards, the Francisco Rubiralta Awards and the Value Awards.

Celsa Group™ is one of Europe’s leading steel mills in long steel products, the most diversified and vertically integrated. The multinational is formed by six large business groups with steel mills, rolling mills, processing plants, distribution companies, services, and recyclers. It is among the first positions in the following four categories: Reinforcing steel, Rods, Structural Sections, and Commercial Bars. It currently generates more than 9,894 direct and indirect jobs worldwide and is industrially present in Denmark, Spain, Finland, France, Norway, Poland, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

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