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At CELSA we believe in people and their growth within the company. Our objective is to offer opportunities that retain and generate new synergies for our collaborators, but above all, to ensure that they enjoy the experience of working at CELSA.

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Why choose us?

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We are leaders in what we do

CELSA is a world leader in the steel sector and a leader in long steel products. This milestone gives us numerous opportunities to carry out projects around the world. Innovation and continuous improvement are in our DNA. We are leaders because we take risks, always exploring new ways of doing things with an open and proactive mindset.
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We train professionals and promote our talent

We know that a well-trained team allows us to face all challenges and demands with the maximum guarantees. For this reason, we have high-level plans for development and we are the starting point for many professional careers, both nationally and internationally. Because we firmly believe that, if people grow, the Group grows.
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We are committed to the circular economy

We aspire to excellence in environmental management and sustainable development. We strive to develop an industrial dynamic based on innovative recycling techniques that allow us to find alternatives to the use of natural resources to protect the planet. We are one of the largest recyclers of ferrous scrap and we have important recognitions such as the Steel Sustainability mark or SustSteel.

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We believe in people

At CELSA we are proud to be promoters of a large number of successful professional careers within the company and we do not understand discrimination of any kind. We believe in people, their abilities and their values. We believe in equality and diversity, and we show it through internal recognitions that reward your way of being, such as the Innova Awards or the Francisco Rubiralta Awards.
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We are committed to innovation

Innovation and industry 4.0 are part of our strategic pillars in the company: it has allowed us to be more efficient in our operations and to be able to research and develop successful production processes. We are not satisfied with what we have, but rather we seek to improve in all possible areas. For us, every challenge is an opportunity to continue growing.
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We love what we do

The history of our Group has been forged based on passion, humility, nonconformity, honesty, creative perseverance and teamwork. We always strive to offer our clients excellent service and treatment, and we achieve this by deeply believing in what we do. We want you to feel what we feel and be part of it.


Get to know our best value bet: people.

At CELSA we take care of all the people who are part of our family and we promote their growth, both professional and personal. We want you to live the experience through our internal promotion programs, vacancies, offers and advantages of being part of Celsa.