Committed to people and their environment

Our future begins by making the right decisions today

Committed to people
and their environment

Our future begins by
making the right
decisions today

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In CELSA Group™ we are very serious about care for nature, our environment, using natural resources, the people who work with us and in society in general.

All the companies that operate under the CELSA Group™ brand are aware of our social and environmental responsibility, so we reaffirm day by day our commitment to sustainable development and the circular economy. Our duty is to recognize those responsibilities in social, environmental and economic matters to ensure an optimal quality of life for both current and future generations.

“We recycle more than 8 million tons of scrap annually, which would mean melting a row of cars that would wrap around the world (approx. 40,000 km)”



We recycle over eight million tons of ferrous scrap annually. Because of this, we can avoid the accumulation of waste in landfills and we can still obtain high-value steel products for companies without having to waste natural resources.




CELSA Group™ aspires to excellence in environmental management. In recent years, we have been working to implement the most demanding environmental management systems, such as the EMAS European Registry, or participate in the World Steel Association´s Action for the Climate Program.



Beyond the fulfilment of legal requirements for prevention of occupational risks in CELSA Group™, we have been incorporating a whole series of programs into our Management System of Safety and Occupational Health that will allow us to move towards our Zero Accidents objective.




In CELSA Group™ we fully respect the personal and family life of all employees and promote policies that facilitate the best balance for the sake of our employees´ personal lives and their responsibilities at work.



Ingenium is a talent support program born from the hand of CELSA Group ™. It seeks to lead and face the transformation that Industry 4.0 poses and especially the steel sector. Employees, entrepreneurs and startups from around the world are called to present their most innovative ideas to face the current and future challenges of the steel industry.

CELSA Group ™ firmly believes that new technologies are the key to reinventing the sector and, therefore, the Ingenium program is an active part of this great digital transformation.

In each edition, relevant challenges are defined for CELSA Group ™, on which interested parties are invited to provide solutions. Once the registration deadline is closed, a team of CELSA Group ™ experts selects the best proposals. The finalists participate in a "Demo Day", a two-day face-to-face event where the projects will be presented and groups organized to improve them. During these two days, the entrepreneurs have access to the company and get to know its facilities and problems, and work together with the professionals of the Group in the improvement of their proposals. During this time, candidates have access to:

• Mentoring by the senior managers of CELSA Group™.
• Value contacts for the development of your "startup".
• A future strategic relationship with the Group.
• A possible participation of CELSA Group ™ in the "startup".
• Real possibilities of escalation within the company if the solution proves effective.

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Francisco Rubiralta Awards

With the name of the founder and in his commemoration, Francisco Rubiralta Awards recognize those people and teams that, through their extraordinary effort, have implemented a project or initiative that has been decisive for the Group's results.

Important aspects such as safety, the environment, quality, reliability of services, people management and productivity are essential parts of these proposals and fundamental conditions for the awards. Likewise, all these initiatives and projects are aligned with the culture and values of CELSA Group ™.

The Francisco Rubiralta Awards hold special value as they are recognitions where all the people of the Group can participate, and candidates are chosen by the same colleagues.

Awards and recognitions of CELSA Group ™
For CELSA Group ™ recognitions are a fundamental aspect and an opportunity to value all those initiatives and attitudes that make the Group a better place. The awards allow us to recognize people’s efforts and value those ideas that have had a direct impact on the Group and have helped us grow in our day to day.
The prizes awarded also allow us to highlight the most human factor of our team and highlight those attitudes that most identify with our values. For CELSA Group ™, the acknowledgments are a source of pride and a great reason to honestly thank people of the Group for their good work and dedication.

The “Celsis” are corporate coins that are awarded to the winners and finalists of the CELSA Group ™ awards. With them you can exchange a series of products and services related to training, health, work-life balance or technology. This currency also can be exchanged for any kind of solidarity initiatives that may bring the company closer to its people.