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CELSA Group, on the home straight to full circularity:


97% of its final product is already made from recycled steel


CELSA Group, Europe’s leading company in the manufacture of circular and low-emission steel, confirms its leadership as a pioneering business group in Europe in the circular economy.

Sustainability Report


Sustainability Report


Executive summary

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11 million

m3 of natural resource savings in a single year.

CELSA GroupTM‘s circular, low-emission model saves the environment 11 million m3 of natural resources in a single year, the equivalent of more than ten times the volume of the Empire State Building.


Tons of non-ferrous steel recovered.

In the last financial year, the company recovered more than 80,000 tonnes of non-ferrous material and 432 tonnes of plastics, and ensured the recovery of 1.37 million tonnes of co-products.


less CO2 emissions in Scope 1 and 2.

CELSA GroupTM has reduced its Scope 1 and 2 (market-based) CO2 emissions by 25%, which is 32% below the EU steel sector average.


million euros in turnover.

The company, which posted a record turnover of 6,109 million euros in 2022, has a workforce of 10,162 people in more than 120 workplaces in 9 countries.

One step closer to meeting its 2050 sustainability targets


In 2022, the company is one step away from meeting its sustainability targets set for 2050; currently, 97% of the final product manufactured at its plants is already made from recycled steel, very close to achieving the goal of being a Net Positive and reaching full circularity in 2050.

The Group has set itself the goal of giving infinite lives to finite resources, an important milestone that is being achieved on a daily basis and which now coincides with a record year for CELSA Group turnover, with 6,109 million euros.