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Minister of Enterprise and Employment intervenes in CELSA Group’s Annual Meeting, today in Barcelona


  • CELSA Group organizes its annual meeting with different professionals within the company, with the aim of making a balance of 2022’s financial year and advancing on future strategies that will mark 2023’s activity.

  • In a physical and virtual speech to more than 1,200 employees, the Minister stated that “the current CELSA Group is a fundamental capital for the process of reindustrialization that we want for Catalonia and for the industrial and energy sovereignty of Europe”.


Barcelona, 24th February 2023.- Today, CELSA Group, Europe’s leading company in the manufacture of circular and low-emission steel, organized its annual meeting of its team in Barcelona, with the participation of the Minister of Enterprise and Employment of Generalitat de Catalunya, Roger Torrent.

Accompanied by the president of CELSA Group, Francesc Rubiralta, and IESE’s Dean, Franz Heukamp, the Minister of Enterprise and Employment participated in the meeting that took place at IESE’s headquarters in Barcelona and that was attended by 1,200 people – including those who attended in person and those who followed the event on streaming.

Francesc Rubiralta explained during the annual meeting what have been the main milestones that have marked 2022 financial year, among which he highlighted the new lamination French train, growth capture in all markets despite the adverse context, and the presidency of the Eurofer association held by CELSA Group since the end of last year. Rubiralta also took advantage of the annual meeting to share the company’s recently defined Purpose, as well as the Group’s Mission and new Vision.

The Chairman thanked the entire team for their professional and personal commitment aligned with the values of CELSA Group and explained that the challenges for 2023 are focused on advances in circularity and decarbonization, because “from our company we want to be part of the solution to the two great problems of our time that are climate change and the depletion of resources”.

Roger Torrent stated that “the current CELSA Group is a fundamental capital for the reindustrialization process that we want for Catalonia and for the industrial and energy sovereignty of Europe”.

The Minister of Enterprise and Employment explained that “Celsa has developed a low-emission and circular steel production model, with a value chain that includes many suppliers and small industries, which generates many basic jobs in our industrial and business fabric”.

Roger Torrent added that “here in Catalonia we have an example of industry in a key sector such as steel, firmly committed to sustainability and innovation, key elements of competitiveness at the current moment of our economy”.

The Annual Meeting of CELSA Group also included the interventions of Basque Country’s Minister of Economic Development and Sustainability, Arantxa Tapia, who intervened from Bilbao – where Nervacero’s employees were, and Gema Igual, Santander’s Mayor, who intervened from this same city, where the employees of Global Steel Wire (the other company of the group in Spain) were also present.


Annual meeting in all group companies

These meetings, which CELSA Group has held annually since 2015, aim to be a meeting point between the different teams in the organization to make a balance of previous year’s results and explain the evolution and strategic lines of the business for the current year.

During these last weeks, Francesc Rubiralta and other members of the family that own the Group, have participated in the annual meetings that have already taken place in Celsa Nordic (Norway), Celsa France (France) and Celsa Steel UK (United Kingdom). In March, Celsa Huta Ostrowiec (Poland) will also take place, serving thus as a culmination.

During the different meetings, the company also recognizes the people from the different teams who have stood out for their performance in safety, innovation, and values in the last twelve months.


About Celsa Group

CELSA Group is the first European producer of low-emission circular steel with the largest circular supply chain in Europe. It recycles ferrous scrap to produce steel in electric arc furnaces, using the most sustainable technology and the most environmentally and energy efficient.

The company is made up of 6 business groups and has 120 work centers, 7 steel mills, 11 rolling mill and 45 recycling plants, as well as transformation and distribution companies, which generate direct, indirect and induced employment for more than 70,000 professionals. It is present in Spain, France, United Kingdom, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Poland, Sweden and Ireland.

The group works to solve the greatest systemic risks on the planet: the depletion of resources and the fight against climate change. To this end, it has set itself the objectives of reducing itsCO2 emissions by 50% and reaching 98% circularity by 2030 and completing its circularity and being a Net Positive company in 2050.


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