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CELSA Group is part of the newly created Waste Cluster of Catalonia


  • The company, which is the first recycler in Spain and second in Europe, produces steel from scrap recycling and is currently one of the largest circular supply chains on the continent.

  • The Waste Cluster brings together all the companies in this sector throughout its value chain and which have headquarters or activity of added economic value in Catalonia.


Castellbisbal, February 16th, 2023.- CELSA Group, a leading company in Europe in the manufacturing of circular and low-emission steel, is part of the recently created Waste Cluster of Catalonia, which was born to boost the competitiveness of companies in the waste sector, enhance their internationalization and promote innovation and research in this field.

CELSA Group, which thanks to its model of steel production from scrap recycling is today one of the largest circular supply chains in Europe, has joined this organization as a benchmark for waste management and has assumed one of the vice-presidencies.


CELSA Group; zero waste goal in 2050

In 2021, the company recycled more than 7 million tonnes of scrap to produce 6.6 million tonnes of steel within a circular process in which it recovers 94% of the waste it generates. The objective of CELSA Group is to become a zero-waste company by 2050 for which it needs to reach 100% recovery.

In 2021, it also recovered 73,000 tonnes of non-ferrous metals and 860 tonnes of plastic, among other materials, and recovered 2.6 million tonnes of by-products.

The integration of CELSA Group into the Waste Cluster of Catalonia aims to generate new business opportunities with other companies and agents within the sector.

According to the head of New Products and Solutions of CELSA Group, Narcís Giralt, who will be the person who will serve as vice president of the organization, “circularity is not something we can do alone, it requires a lot of collaboration, and this is where the existence of this cluster makes sense”.

According to Giralt, “being part of the cluster allows us to participate in a space in which we define a vision of the future of the sector while putting the circular economy at the center of the debate and public policies”.

Any company in the business value chain can participate in the cluster, from producers of goods concerned about circularity to companies that valorize, transport or treat waste, and also engineering, producers of capital goods, as well as companies of all sizes and conditions, from startups, SMCs or larger companies, which generate all types of waste, who are willing to share talent, research and projects.


About the Waste Cluster of Catalonia

The Waste Cluster of Catalonia, which is promoted by the agency Acció, of the Departament d’Empresa i Treball, and by the Departament d’Acció Climàtica, Alimentació i Agenda Rural, through l’ARC , will work together with the environmental agents of the waste sector, both in the field of innovation and research and in the field of training, as is the case of consultants, engineering, associations and guilds and even companies dedicated to other activities. The new cluster is part of the promotion of the green and circular economy, which promotes, among others, the reduction of waste and the efficient use of resources, two objectives included in the CELSA Group project through its strategic plan.

The organization has actually 30 members and all the waste sector in Catalonia brings together 693 companies that invoice 10,000 million euros and employ 41,000 people.


About Celsa Group

CELSA Group is the first European producer of low-emission circular steel with the largest circular supply chain in Europe. It recycles ferrous scrap to produce steel in electric arc furnaces, using the most sustainable technology and the most environmentally and energy efficient.

The company is made up of 6 business groups and has 120 work centers, 7 steel mills, 11 rolling mill and 45 recycling plants, as well as transformation and distribution companies, which generate direct, indirect and induced employment for more than 70,000 professionals. It is present in Spain, France, United Kingdom, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Poland, Sweden and Ireland.

The group works to solve the greatest systemic risks on the planet: the depletion of resources and the fight against climate change. To this end, it has set itself the objectives of reducing itsCO2 emissions by 50% and reaching 98% circularity by 2030 and completing its circularity and being a Net Positive company in 2050.


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