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The Ministry of Industry awards 2.5 million to CELSA Group for sustainability and circularity projects

• CELSA Group reorganizes its organizational structure to promote its strategic objectives of circularity and sustainability and creates the figure of the Chief Circular Officer (CCO) and the Chief Strategy & Sustainability Officer (CSSO).

• The company, which has a long history as a circular company and producer of steel with low emissions, has set itself the strategic objectives of achieving complete circularity in 5 years and being Net Positive in 2040.

Barcelona, December 16th, 2021.- CELSA Group, the first circular and low-emission steel company in Europe, has been awarded 2.5 million euros of the total of 57.4 million euros that the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism has announced to allocate to 30 innovation and sustainability projects in the field of manufacturing.

CELSA Group’s strategic objectives are to achieve complete circularity in the next five years and become a Net Positive company by 2040, ten years ahead of the European Union’s decarbonization forecasts. Likewise, the company that is already low carbon today, plans to reduce scope 1 and 2 emissions by 70%, in 2025.
The group will use this aid to strengthen its sustainability and circularity strategy and accelerate its implementation by investing in its “Innovation and Sustainability Plan” to promote the circular economy and reduce CO2 emissions that it already has in place.
The 2.5 million euros will be allocated to specific company projects in the field of the valorization of by-products derived from the steel production process and the improvement of energy efficiency and the implementation of environmental improvement measures of steelmaking processes.

New organizational structure to enhance circularity and sustainability

Coinciding with its strategic approach to circularity and sustainability, CELSA Group has reorganized its organizational structure to support and promote the fulfillment of the objectives contemplated in its Strategic Plan 2021-2028, which focuses on consolidating its circular and sustainable business model and on competitiveness, integration, diversification, and growth.
To promote these two key strategic lines that are circularity and sustainability, CELSA Group has created two new responsibilities, that of Chief Circular Officer (CCO) and the Chief Strategy & Sustainability Officer (CSSO). Xavier Cabré has been appointed as Chief Circular Officer, who is responsible for maximizing CELSA Group’s commitment to circularity, while as Chief Strategy & Sustainability Officer, Juan Carlos Orozco has been appointed, who is responsible for defining and executing the Sustainability strategy.

These two new areas are integrated into the Executive Committee led by the president and CEO of Celsa Group, Francesc Rubiralta, and in which the CEOs of all the regional directorates also participate, as well as the directors of the rest of the functional areas (Commercial and Marketing, Financial, People and Operations).
For the president of CELSA Group, Francesc Rubiralta,” the sustainability strategy is a business strategy, and the business strategy is a sustainability strategy and so we wanted to reflect it and put it into practice with this new structure”.

Circular and low carbon steel production model

The company bases its industrial model on circularity, which implies that 93% of the raw material it uses comes from recycled material and, in addition, the steel it produces is 100% recyclable. In addition, 90% of the waste and by-products generated by its production processes are valorized and become new value-added products. Likewise, CELSA Group is, unlike much of the steel sector in Europe, a company that produces low-emission steel since it uses electric arc furnaces, the most sustainable system that currently exists and that emits 9 times less CO2 than that of conventional blast furnaces.

About CELSA Group

CELSA Group is Europe’s leading producer of circular, low-carbon steel. Family company of world reference has positioned itself as a leader in the manufacture of circular steel, for its integration throughout the value chain, recycling scrap and producing steel in electric arc furnaces, a more sustainable production system that exists today, which has made it a company with low CO2 emissions in its sector. The group has more than 120 production centers around the world, where it generates employment directly, indirectly and induced to more than 70,000 professionals. CELSA Group recycles more than 9 Tn of ferrous scrap per year and avoids the accumulation of waste in landfills to obtain again products of high value to society, avoiding the use of natural resources. The company is made up of six large business groups with steel mills, rolling mills, processing plants, distribution companies, service companies and recyclers.

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