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CELSA Group, through Celsa France, starts testing for the new rolling mill in Bayonne

• It will produce 550,000 tons of rolled products per year and gives direct access to the French and Benelux steel-rolled markets.

• The start-up of the new rolling mill at the Celsa France complex in Bayonne will allow CELSA Group to further diversify its activity and boost its international business to invoice new growth as of next year.

• The new train has involved an investment of 65 million euros and will generate around 140 new direct jobs and 420 indirect jobs, between France and Spain.

Barcelona, December 27th, 2021.- Celsa France, a company that is integrated as a business unit within the consolidated Spanish CELSA Group, has begun the testing phase of the new rolling mill in the company’s industrial complex in Bayonne, with the recent ignition of the furnace of the installation and with the production of first steel pieces, in which it has invested 65 million euros.

Celsa France will produce up to 550,000 tons of rolled products per year in Bayonne, which will allow it to access a new European market that consumes around 20 million tons of wire rod per year. At full capacity, the new rolling mill, whose manufacture began in January 2020, has a generating capacity and revenues of around 300 million euros per year.
The new facility will definitely come into operation once the tests that have begun with the ignition of the furnace and that will continue for a few weeks are finished.
The investment made to build the new rolling mill will generate around 140 new jobs directly and 420 counting indirect employment, located in the area of influence of Bayonne (France and Spain) and is an important boost to the economic dynamism of the region at the same time as strengthening the position of Celsa France, which today is the main company in the French Basque Country and represents 45% of Bayonne’s port traffic.

Improving access to the French market

The start-up of this facility means that Celsa France will be able to produce finished products and thus have direct access to a market for products with greater added value, which will provide greater capacity for return and profitability on investment.
The steel group will improve its access to the French market where one in 10 tons of steel is sold in the total European market, and to Belgium and Holland and even northern Spain, producing from the south of France and therefore diversifying products and markets. Production from France also allows to improve delivery times and customer service and operate directly from the territory.

Alliance with a strategic client

Celsa France has also signed a strategic alliance with one of its customers, Intersig France, which will buy part of the new production and help it open the market for finalist products in the French market. The alliance with Intersig France allows both companies to promote productive synergies in the same plant in Bayonne that allows from the start to make the investment profitable.

About CELSA Group

CELSA Group is Europe’s leading producer of circular, low-carbon steel. Family company of world reference has positioned itself as a leader in the manufacture of circular steel, for its integration throughout the value chain, recycling scrap and producing steel in electric arc furnaces, a more sustainable production system that exists today, which has made it a company with low CO2 emissions in its sector. The group has more than 120 production centers around the world, where it generates employment directly, indirectly and induced to more than 70,000 professionals. CELSA Group recycles more than 9 Tn of ferrous scrap per year and avoids the accumulation of waste in landfills to obtain again products of high value to society, avoiding the use of natural resources. The company is made up of six large business groups with steel mills, rolling mills, processing plants, distribution companies, service companies and recyclers.

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