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CELSA Group™ launches a seventh line of production in its steelworks plant in Barcelona

Barcelona, november 24, 2019

  • The implementation of the new production line allows CELSA Barcelona to develop structural profiles of the HE600 range.
  • The Group expects the project to significantly boost the productivity and flexibility of CELSA Barcelona’s business units.

CELSA Group™ has successfully completed the development of a seventh production line in the Steelworks Unit of CELSA Barcelona. Thanks to this, the company now has the capacity to manufacture a new semi-finished product that will allow it to incorporate the structural profiles of the HE600 range into its catalogue.

Carlos Día, general manager of CELSA Barcelona, highlighted the strategic value of the project: “The start-up of a new production line in the Steelworks Unit is part of the organization’s future strategy. Thanks to it, we add to our catalogue the structural profiles of the HE 600 range, thus reinforcing our vision of being leaders in solutions for the customer around steel”.

For his part, Oscar Cubiñá, Melt Shop Head of CELSA Barcelona, conveyed his sincere gratitude for the effort and work done to all the professionals involved in the project. “The development of the seventh production line at the Steelworks Unit has been a great success thanks to the work of the great professionals who have participated in the project. Without their knowledge, experience and dedication it would not have been possible to consolidate an initiative of great strategic value for the future of the company”, he highlighted.

The Steelmaking Unit of CELSA Barcelona is responsible for the melting of scrap to produce the wide range of steel products that CELSA makes available to its customers. To carry out the process, the company uses electric arc furnaces, the most efficient technology available from an environmental point of view.

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