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CELSA Group™ awards one of the Fundación Empresas IQS scholarships to academic performance

Barcelona, July 5, 2019

  • Angel Cruz, Corporate Industrial Process Director, has delivered the scholarship promoted by CELSA Group™ to Laia Farràs Tasias, who will take the Master’s in Industrial Engineering.
  • In this way, the Group highlights its commitment to academic training as a pillar of personal and professional development, as well as its support to local talent.

CELSA Group ™ has awarded one of the twelve scholarships promoted, in collaboration with Fundación Empresas IQS, with the aim of recognizing the academic excellence of the best academic records. In this way, the students selected within the degrees of the IQS School of Engineering and the IQS School of Management will have the opportunity to continue taking a master’s degree in IQS during the 2019-2020 academic year.

The granting of the scholarship has taken place at the 2018-2019 promotion graduation ceremony, chaired by the Rector of Ramon Llull University, Dr. Josep M. Garrell, and the President of Fundación IQS, P. Enric Puig, SJ On behalf of CELSA Group™, Angel Cruz, Corporate Industrial Process Director, has delivered the company-driven education assistance to Laia Farràs Tasias, who will take the Master in Industrial Engineering.

For the granting of the scholarships, the evaluation committee has taken into account, in addition to the academic record of the candidates, their evolution throughout the studies and excellence in values such as: initiative, versatility, leadership, commitment, technical competence, responsibility, communication, teamwork and communication skills in English.

Through these types of actions, CELSA Group™ highlights its commitment to the community, firmly betting on the promotion of educational projects that result in personal and professional development, not only of the people who make up the organization, but also of the students that may become part of it in the future.

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