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Celsa consolidates the evolution of its governance with the creation of the position of Vice-Chairman and the reinforcement of that of Chief Operating Officer


  • The new development of the governing bodies gives continuity to the transformation already initiated at the beginning of 2021, aligned with the current strategic plan 2021-28.
  • It agrees with the most innovative models implemented in the most evolved markets of the sector such as USA.
  • It adds to the company’s response to a changing macroeconomic environment and to the challenges of the sector and industry.
  • It enhances the focus on recurring business and strategic development for the generation of industrial value.


Barcelona, November 22th, 2022.- CELSA Group, leader in the production of circular and low-emission steel in Europe, continues in its purpose of providing itself with the best and most professionalized governance structure. To this end, it strengthens its management bodies with the appointment of a Vice-Chairman and the expansion of functions of the figure of the Chief Operating Officer (COO). The new positions support and consolidate an evolution of the company’s corporate governance with functions focused, on the one hand, on the operation of the recurring business and, on the other, on its strategic evolution in the medium term in a changing environment of global circumstances and the markets in which the company operates.

Consolidation of the good fundamentals of the recurring business
The evolution of governance is made explicit in the first place with the reinforcement of the operational management of the entire group focused on the day-to-day evolution of the recurring business managed by the new COO, who will be part of the Executive Committee and will report to the Chairman and CEO of CELSA Group. The directors of the different business units will report directly to their function, including the CEOs of Spain, Celsa Nordic, Celsa UK, Celsa Poland and Celsa France, in addition to other positions such as the departments of Commercial & Marketing, industrial processes, Circularity, general purchasing and Supply Chain, among others. This new position will be assumed by Luis Sanz, until now Chief Commercial and Marketing Officer of CELSA Group and aims to consolidate the good fundamentals of the business, which have allowed the company to meet the objectives of its 2021-28 business plan, in its first two years of execution.

Strategic development and generation of industrial value
For his part, the new Vice-Chairman, also integrated into the Executive Committee and reporting directly to the Chairman and CEO of Celsa Group, will form together with the financial management (CFO), strategy and sustainability (CSSO), people (CPOO) and Public Affairs the part of governance focused on the medium-term evolution of the company’s model. A positioning whose industrial commitment, of a regionalized provision and oriented to sustainable production, has led the company to position itself as the first European industry in the manufacturing of circular and low-emission steel in Europe, a sector of enormous relevance in the industrial and energy sovereignty of the continent. His role, of a high strategic content, will include the supervision of functions such as innovation and technology key in the current and future industrial and economic value generation journey of CELSA Group. The new Vice-Chairman is Francesc Mesegué, until now Director of Operations.

Greater flexibility and agility
The organisational change has been validated by the Board of Directors and the Appointments and Compensation Committee and is inspired by the models of the most evolved companies in the sector in the US, a market in which the production of low-emission steel, which CELSA Group leads in Europe, accounts for 70% of total steel production.

This new organization constitutes the evolution and consolidation of the new governance model implemented a year ago to align it with the current strategic plan 2021-2028, whose development in its first two years has exceeded the planned business objectives. At the same time, it gives the company greater flexibility and agility in the face of the macroeconomic situation of volatility, which challenges the entire industry to strengthen its fundamentals, while working on future development. The new structure allows CELSA Group to achieve objectives such as:

  • Focus on the most important projects for the organization at this time, with a high level of complexity and impact on the future of the company; as well as improving the capacity for visibility and strategy in the medium term.
  • Establish an organizational model that allows sufficient time to be dedicated to recurring day-to-day operations, from the perspective of the Group’s strategy.
  • Ensure the availability of time and resources to achieve the objectives of specific projects.
  • Increase participation and influence capacity in international sectoral organizations of the EU and USA, especially after the recent appointment of Francesc Rubiralta as president of EUROFER.
  • And to follow an evolutionary model moving towards corporate governance and with functions focused on the short and medium term, taking into account the changing global circumstances and our markets.


About CELSA Group

CELSA Group is Europe’s leading producer of low-emission, circular steel, and Europe’s largest circular supply chain. It recycles ferrous scrap to produce steel in electric arc furnaces, using the most sustainable technology and the most environmentally and energy efficient.

The company is made up of 6 business groups and has 120 work centers, 7 steel mills, 10 rolling mills and 45 recycling plants, as well as transformation and distribution companies, which generate direct, indirect and induced employment for more than 70,000 professionals.

From the point of view of corporate responsibility, CELSA Group works to solve the greatest systemic risks on the planet: the depletion of resources and the fight against climate change. To this end, it advances in its complete circularity and aspires to be a Net Positive company in 2050.


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