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CELSA Group recovers pre-pandemic production with more than 6.5 Mt of steel produced in its European steel mills

  • CELSA Group’s steel production in Spain reached about 3.6 Mt.
  • The family-owned low-emission circular steel company made sales in 115 countries during the past year 2021.
  • The volume of scrap consumed for the manufacturing of circular steel exceeded 7.3 Mt. Additionally, the company recycled more than one million tons of by-products.

Progress of activity results 2021

Barcelona, February 25, 2022.- CELSA Group, first European low emissions and circular steel company has been awarded €2.5 million through the ACTIVA Financing Program, that the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism destines to aid to I+D+I projects in the field of Connected Industry 4.0.

CELSA Group, a leading company in Europe in the manufacturing of circular and low-emission steel, recovered the level of production prior to the pandemic in 2021, exceeding the 6.5 Mt of steel produced in its European steel mills, in accordance with the advance of the group’s activity results, pending audit.

During the 2021 financial year, CELSA Group has been able to capture the growth in activity that has been registered, in general, in all the sectors for which its production is destined, once projects were reactivated after the stoppage caused by COVID-19 that exceptionally affected the company’s results in 2020.

The steel produced by CELSA Group is chosen by its customers because it is circular and produced with low emissions, since it is manufactured from ferrous scrap and in electric arc furnaces, the most sustainable production system possible today, since it reduces CO2 emissions by 9 times (scope 1 and 2), with respect to the blast furnace production system. In this way, CELSA Group’s circular and low-carbon steel also contributes to reducing the carbon footprint of the recipient of the supplies.

More than 7.3 Mt of scrap consumed to produce circular steel

During the 2021 financial year, CELSA Group consumed more than 7.3 Mt of ferrous scrap in its production centers for the production of steel, in accordance with its circular business model based on the use of recycled scrap as raw material. The steel it produces is, in turn, recyclable infinite times, which results in the company’s circularity model, which has set the goal of reaching 100% circularity by 2025. Currently more than 93% of the steel it produces is from scrap recycling. The company is the first steel recycler in Spain and the second in Europe. Additionally, the company recycled more than one million tons of by-products.

Good prospects for 2022

CELSA Group foresees the continuity in the consolidation of production throughout 2022, in accordance with the forecasts that they also manage in the sector.

Recovery of production in all countries

By country, Spain reached about 3.6 million tons of steel produced in rolling mills. The production in Poland is also highlighted, with more than 1.1 Mt of steel, and the United Kingdom with about 1 Mt, respectively.
The 2021 financial year was especially good for Celsa Nordics (Norway), whose finished steel production stood at about 538,000 tonnes.
In France, CELSA France exceeded 625,000 tons of steel produced in steelworks, in the year in which the installation of a new rolling mill was completed, which was tested last December, and which, in 2022, will allow it to manufacture rolled steel chips, matching the rest of the countries in which CELSA Group operates.
The steel produced in CELSA Group was sold in 115 different countries. From Spain, the company made sales to 113 countries, from France to 9 countries, from the United Kingdom to 19 countries, from Poland to 37 countries, and from Norway sold steel to a total of 13 countries.


About CELSA Group

 CELSA Group is Europe’s leading producer of low-emission, circular steel. It recycles ferrous scrap to produce steel in electric arc furnaces, the most sustainable system in existence. Its integration throughout the steel value chain makes it a circular reference company.

 It has more than 120 workplaces in the world and generates direct, indirect and induced employment for more than 70,000 professionals. Annually it recycles 8 million tons of ferrous scrap that it destines to the production of steel, and also contributes to the recycling of another 1.5 million tons of materials, thus avoiding the accumulation of waste in landfills and obtaining again products of high value for society, avoiding the use of natural resources. The company is made up of 6 business groups with steel mills, rolling mills, processing plants, distribution companies and recyclers.


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