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Study of innovative technologies for the transition of the metallurgical industry of the production process and their decarbonization through the use of renewable raw materials.

Project type

Energy and emissions


2020 - 2023

CELSA Barcelona

Key developments

Study and design of a new reduction system for the valorization of iron oxide scale.

Promote integrated solutions for the production of green hydrogen and AEM as a raw material in the same steelmaking process.

Investigation of new solutions for post-combustion and oxy-combustion carbon capture with metallic residues present in by-products of CELSA’s process.

Investigation of carbon sequestration based on the oxidation-reduction of by-products.

Coupling of the current CO2 capture system by means of amines to be used for the generation of syngas by means of coelectrolysis and its subsequent use as a scale-reducing agent.

Techno-environmental study and modeling of the application of zero-emission recovery of all the scale generated and massive use of waste heat.

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