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At CELSA Group ™ we take care of our people and promote personal and professional development of our teams. We believe in people and strive to offer the maximum opportunities to all the members of the Group. Our priority is that our team feels comfortable in its functions and can live out our passions first hand and can grow internationally.

We respect the environment, we focus on innovation, we promote international mobility and we promote the talent of our people

CELSA Group™ is a world leader in the steel industry and a leader in long steel products. This leadership gives the Group numerous opportunities to carry out projects distributed throughout the world. Nonconformity is in our DNA, and we are leaders because we have leaders.

We are the leaders in the production of steel

Currently, more than 10 languages are spoken in the Group and we have more than 120 work centers distributed all over the world. Our international network opens the door to developing a professional career in all the countries where we have a presence. If you like to travel and learn about other cultures, CELSA is your Group.

International mobility

We strive for excellence in environmental management and sustainable development. We believe in the circular economy. During the last years we have tried to develop an industrial dynamic based on innovative recycling techniques that seek for alternatives to the use of natural resources.
Our Group is one of the largest recyclers of ferrous scrap and has been recognized by such important brands as Sostenibilidad Siderúrgica or SustSteel.

We firmly believe in Circular Economy

Our commitment to innovation and industry 4.0 has allowed us to be more efficient in our operations. The investigation of new production processes is a fundamental requirement to grow as a Group. In addition, we are leaders in policies and professional development programs. Being part of CELSA Group™ provides, therefore, the opportunity to be at the forefront of knowledge and technology.

We innovate day by day

The history of our Group has been written based on passion, humility, nonconformity and honesty. We always strive to give our clients an excellent deal and we achieve it by deeply believing in what we do. We want you to feel what we feel and learn from the best.

We love what we do

The internal promotion is a key piece for CELSA Group™. We value the work and initiatives of our people very positively and we do it through different internal recognitions such as the Innova Awards and the Francisco Rubiralta Awards.

When it comes to attracting external talents, we rely on the incorporation of professionals that can be trained within the Group and grow professionally together with us.

We promote our talent

At CELSA Group ™ we are proud to be the starting point of many professional careers marked by success. Through a development program, the new incorporations initially occupy intermediate positions in different departments and business units, both nationally and internationally. If you are starting your professional career, the doors of our Group are open for you.

We believe in youth

Training is one of our fundamental pillars. We know that a well-trained team allows us to face all the challenges and demands with maximum guarantees. Therefore, we have a wide range of high-level plans for the professional development of our employees. If people grow, the Group grows.

We train professionals

Diversity is an indivisible part of our corporate culture. We currently have people from over 20 different nationalities. We do not understand discrimination, neither for reasons of sex, race, ideology, nationality, religion or sexual orientation, nor for any other personal, physical or social condition. We believe in people, in their abilities and in their values.

Diversity and integration

We know from experience that a good working climate is essential for the future of a company. We are proud to be able to affirm that our team is committed to what they do, respects others and their environment and helps their colleagues when necessary. First and foremost, we are people and we want everyone to feel fulfilled in their job.

Work environment

Child Safety Awards

The Child Safety Awards are prizes for the youngest members of the CELSA Group ™ family. The objective of these awards is to reaffirm that in the Group nothing is more important than the safety of people. On the other hand, this initiative allows us to bring the Group closer to our family environment. The theme of the contest is the safety of parents at work, so that children should reflect on a drawing how their parents should protect themselves during their day to day. As our next step, we encourage the youngest participants to record a video with their parents explaining what they have drawn and what safety measures their parents must take during the workday so that they are completely safe.

Awards and recognitions of CELSA Group ™
For CELSA Group ™ recognitions are a fundamental aspect and an opportunity to value all those initiatives and attitudes that make the Group a better place. The awards allow us to recognize the people’s efforts and value those ideas that have had a direct impact on the Group and have helped us grow every day.
The prizes awarded also allow us to highlight the most human factor of our team and highlight those behaviors that identify the most with our values. For CELSA Group ™, the acknowledgments are a source of pride and a great reason to genuinely thank people of the Group for their good work and dedication.

The “Celsis” are corporate coins that are awarded to the winners and finalists of the CELSA Group ™ awards. With them you can exchange a series of products and services related to training, health, work-life balance or technology. This currency also can be exchanged for any kind of solidarity initiatives that may bring the company closer to its people.

IESE Chair of Competitiveness in Manufacturing

The CELSA Chair of Competitiveness in Manufacturing of IESE aims to develop research, generate ideas and disseminate knowledge around competitiveness in the industrial sector. Because of this commitment, and its concern for the industrial decapitalization of the country, the CELSA Chair of IESE develops powerful research on the industrial sector and its competitiveness. Also, the Group has rewarded the best factories in our country since 2009.

The main objectives of the chair are to:

• Encourage interest in the manufacturing industry.
• Develop teaching material for senior management courses.
• Organize national and international seminars
• Disseminate the role of industry in the country's economy among the media.
• Promote good industrial practices through the creation of an annual prize.
• Collaborate with other international centers in the generation of ideas and dissemination of knowledge about the manufacturing industry.

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