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Electro-welded mesh

Electro-welded corrugated steel mesh for reinforcing concrete, both standard and special, with diameters up to 20mm.

The manufacture of special electrowelded mesh is customized for each client based on the specific needs of the project. You can count on unlimited possibilities of combining lengths, diameters and separations between bars, allowing the manufacture of unidirectional and bidirectional meshes, double meshes and meshes of bars of unequal lengths.

The use of special electro-welded meshes allows the industrialization of the scrap process in the works in an optimized way, with the advantages of industrialization such as the simple placement and speed of execution, the lower need for assembly personnel and greater safety and control of the work.

Lattice Girders

The lattice girders for concrete reinforcement consists of three longitudinal bars, two lower and one upper, joined together by a welded lattice in a fully automated process and subjected to electrical control, a way to ensure the structural three-dimensional structure of the lattice girder.

The lattice girder is used primarily for the manufacturing of semi-joists and other prefabricated concrete elements. They are also used as separators in slabs, bridge boards, prefabricated enclosure panels, galleries, etc. All this is done to maintain the relative position of two layers of armature of a certain structural element.

Estructura del techo de una construcción

Where it is manufactured

CELSA Barcelona
CELSA Nordic

Francisco Rubiralta Awards

With the name of the founder and in his commemoration, Francisco Rubiralta Awards recognize those people and teams that, through their extraordinary effort, have implemented a project or initiative that has been decisive for the Group's results.

Important aspects such as safety, the environment, quality, reliability of services, people management and productivity are essential parts of these proposals and fundamental conditions for the awards. Likewise, all these initiatives and projects are aligned with the culture and values of CELSA Group ™.

The Francisco Rubiralta Awards hold special value as they are recognitions where all the people of the Group can participate, and candidates are chosen by the same colleagues.

Awards and recognitions of CELSA Group ™
For CELSA Group ™ recognitions are a fundamental aspect and an opportunity to value all those initiatives and attitudes that make the Group a better place. The awards allow us to recognize people’s efforts and value those ideas that have had a direct impact on the Group and have helped us grow in our day to day.
The prizes awarded also allow us to highlight the most human factor of our team and highlight those attitudes that most identify with our values. For CELSA Group ™, the acknowledgments are a source of pride and a great reason to honestly thank people of the Group for their good work and dedication.

The “Celsis” are corporate coins that are awarded to the winners and finalists of the CELSA Group ™ awards. With them you can exchange a series of products and services related to training, health, work-life balance or technology. This currency also can be exchanged for any kind of solidarity initiatives that may bring the company closer to its people.