Iron Oxide

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Iron Oxide

Mill Scale is a layered and brittle material generated in the surface of billets, rebar, wire rod, merchant bar and profiles when they are manufactured during a rolling process. Mainly composed by iron oxides (>98%) FeO (Wustite), Fe2O3 (hematite), Fe3O4 (magnetite).

The mill scale is a perfect substitution for primary iron ore, with even better quality due to a higher iron content. The main industrial applications are integrated steel making, cement clinker, Ferroalloys, colored glass, oxide pigments, flocculant production, counterweights, and magnets.

“With even better quality than iron ore due to a higher %Fe content”

Barras incandescentes de óxido de hierro
Barras de hierro siendo moldeadas
Montículo de óxido de hierro
Láminas de óxido de hierro amontonadas

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